Accused of Driving Under the Influence?

Defend your rights with a DUI attorney in Orange, TX

If you've refused or failed a blood alcohol concentration level test, you should call a DUI attorney right away. BSH Legal can help you get a special hearing before your license is suspended. From there, Attorney Bonnie S. Hollier will work with you to get your charges reduced or dropped.

Contact a DUI attorney in Orange, Texas the moment you're released.

Why you need a DWI attorney

Why you need a DWI attorney

Without a DWI attorney, you won't have the advantages that can keep you out of jail. If you're convicted of a DUI, you could lose your:

  • License: Your license will likely be suspended.
  • Career: Your job options could narrow significantly.
  • Good name: You'll carry a criminal record for years.

Attorney Bonnie S. Hollier can work with you to protect your rights, privileges and image.

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