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Your Freedom Is At Risk

Count on Orange, TX's premier criminal defense firm

A criminal conviction, DUI, or DWI can ruin your career and devastate your family. Depend on Bonnie S. Hollier, PC criminal defense firm to help you fight for your freedom. Attorney Hollier can help you whether you made a mistake, or you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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We'll never stop fighting for your family

Holding your family together during a divorce or another stressful life change can take all of your strength. Stop trying to carry everything on your shoulders. Bonnie S. Hollier, PC is a family law firm serving residents of Orange, Texas and the surrounding area.

Attorney Hollier will work with you and your family to protect your children and act in their best interest. As an accomplished child custody attorney and attorney ad litem, she is dedicated to giving kids a voice.

Dial 409-238-5306 now to schedule a consultation at the area's premier family law firm.

Why you should trust attorney Hollier with your case

Attorney Hollier relies on 15 years of experience to get her clients the just results they deserve. You can depend on her excellent courtroom presence and diligent preparation skills to give you an advantage at trial.

A native Texan, attorney Hollier has received:

1. An undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice
2. A Juris Doctor from Texas Tech Law
3. A CASA award for Outstanding Attorney in Orange County, TX

Meet attorney Hollier at her Orange, TX law firm to see why she's become a voice for justice in family and criminal law.