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Family Law Attorney in Orange, Texas

Dividing the estate that you share with your spouse during a divorce is a complicated legal matter. A family law attorney at BSH Legal can make sure you don't lose what's rightfully yours.

Make sure you get everything you deserve when dividing assets in your divorce. Contact a family law attorney in Orange County, TX today.

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Safeguard Your Children Through a Child Custody Attorney

During a highly contested custody battle, the judge and attorneys need to find out what's best for the child. An attorney can do this by acting as:

  • A child custody attorney: An attorney who works for a parent to secure their child's best interests

  • An attorney ad litem: An attorney who acts on the child's behalf to serve their best interests

  • An amicus attorney: An attorney appointed by a judge to determine and report on what is in the child's best interests

Start working with a child custody attorney in Orange, Texas to help secure your child's wellbeing.