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Child Custody Attorney in Orange, Texas

It's one of every parent's greatest fears. Child Protective Services has taken your child unjustly. You're grief-stricken, frightened, and angry, but there's hope. A child protective attorney at BSH Legal can help.

Attorney Bonnie S. Hollier has spent 15 years in the child protection law court system. She can determine whether CPS has followed the letter of the law or acted illegally. Call now to speak with a child protective attorney in Orange, Texas. The child custody attorney at BSH Legal also provides legal assistance to those who reside in Port Arthur, Beaumont, Vidor, and Bridge City, Texas. Contact her today to get started.

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An Attorney Ad Litem Will Represent Your Child's Best Interests

When your child is involved in legal matters in the Orange County, Texas area, you can request an attorney ad litem to represent them in court and negotiations.

An attorney ad litem will:

  • Prevent your child from being intimidated or influenced by an adult

  • Help them understand the legal situation and what their role is

  • Determine what is in your child's best interests and advocate for them

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We understand how difficult this time can be for you and your family. BSH Legal will speak for your child and express their wishes to the court. Make sure your child is protected during this stressful time by requesting an attorney ad litem to speak for them. Don't leave your children's future up to chance and allow a skilled and trustworthy attorney to seek a solution for your family. If you're in the areas of Orange, Port Arthur, Beaumont, Vidor, and Bridge City, Texas, request an initial case consultation with Attorney Bonnie S. Hollier today. No matter how challenging your case may be, the compassionate attorney from BSH Legal is here to guide you through the process.